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Air Feathers "Think Pink Sphynx" Breast Cancer Awareness Kit an Exciting & Original way for the Beauty Industry to Raise Funds for the Cause this October

Escondido, CA (PRWEB) September 30, 2011

Air Feathers introduces an exciting new product with an original twist-using a hairless cat who suffered from cancer herself to put the "fun" back in fundraising. The "Think Pink Sphynx" kit is for the stylist on a budget who wants to raise funds, and still offer their clients the latest in exciting hair trends.

Daisy looks pretty on the cover of the fundraising package
Quote start"Yes, this looks crazy-but it's not!" Insists Airie McCready, the inventor of the "Think PInk Sphynx" project, "it's just a bit more out there than most, but you noticed it, right?"
Quote end

Why a trendsetting company like Air Feathers would choose a hairless cat as their mascot for a "Think Pink" campaign, as well as to launch a new hair extension product is a mystery-until Airie McCready and Mandy Florez explain it.
"Yes, this looks crazy-but it's not!" Insists Airie McCready, the inventor of the "Think PInk Sphynx" project, "it's just a bit more out there than most, but you noticed it, right?"
The Air Feathers team has chosen Airie's own sphynx cat, Daisy, to be their think pink mascot.
When asked why, Mandy Florez, Art Director of Air Feathers replied, "Well, she's pink, she makes you think, and if you look closely at her picture, she's a great representative for Breast Cancer awareness."
Daisy herself was diagnosed with cancer at only 3 months old. The kitten, who weighed only 2.5 lbs did not have a great prognosis, and Airie was not sure Daisy would pull through. But with a lot of love, care, and effort, Daisy made it.
McCready and Florez acknowledge that Daisy does not compare to a Mother, Sister, Daughter, or anyone you may know that is fighting and surviving Cancer. But the little pink cat certainly is attention getting, and you can't help but smile when you see her on the cover of the new kit.
"Laughter is an immune system stimulant," says McCready, "and Daisy is about the cutest and funniest thing most people have ever seen!"
McCready believes that there's nobody better than her hairless cat to represent the new line of "AirMazing Fakes," a hybrid synthetic hair extension that's taking the industry by storm. The synthetic looks and acts much like real hair, at only a fraction of the cost. It's heat resistant up to 300 degrees and curls nicely with a moving tool like a flat iron. It comes in every color in the rainbow, but in the new kit stylists get an large amount of the pinks-solid light and hot pink, as well as "Grizzly" or striped light and hot pink that mimic the popular feather extension trend.
"I knew we were supposed to get an international superstar model to launch our new product," says McCready. "So we did. Daisy is a model for that retails internationally, and she poses for photographer Christopher Voelker whenever possible. She's the official fit and photo model for their new Junior Wear line that's coming out soon."
"I used to dream about being a supermodel, having a designer come to my home and alter my wardrobe, use me as a muse," says McCready, "it didn't happen for me, but it's happened for Daisy!"
The "Think Pink Sphynx" campaign launches Monday October 3rd, with the products shipping in the middle of October.
McCready also loves the fact that this kit does not lock stylists in to any particular charity or event-it leaves them free to raise funds however they see fit.
Stylists wanting to get the kit can contact Air Feathers by going to their website,

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